Everyday makeup routine


I am constantly on the look out for new products that will enable me to enhance my natural features! With years of experimenting I do feel that currently the products that I show you are of high quality. However, what works for me may not work for you!


The combination of Chanel vitalumier foundation and Chanel matte lumber powder creates the best healthy illuminating Finnish. The foundation by itself is very dewy, however without the powder it doesn't seep to work to its optimum.The powder tones down the dewy skin without looking 'cake' which is obviously a BIG NO when buying powder. 


So for eyes I like to use a brown shadow- I use a dior shadow and the benefit primer.The shadow on its own lasts on the eyes for no longer than around 4 hours.However the combination of the primer will leave your shadow on all day.                                                                                    

For brows I would completely recommend my new purchase (featured in my haul) - this Chanel brow pencil.I use this religiously now and would defiantly recommend to anyone looking for the perfect brow pencil.


When it comes to lips for everyday wear I like to stear away from statement lips and go for a nice subtle shade that is 'my lips but better' this beautiful shade by Lancome is perfect for daily use as it does not dry out my lips much like many MAC lipsticks.

 Lancome L'Absolu NU = 302 Rose ideal

Lancome lipstick 


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