How to: Style your LBD

The LBD (little black dress) is a timless  classic in every girl, women or ladies wardrobe. 

The dress I am wearing has a crotchet like detailing at the front and I thought it would be a shame to conceal it with a chunky necklace or even distract attention  from it with a dainty necklace.

Who says makeup can't be an accesorie, huh?

I opted for a statement red lip, which is  ALOT more adventurous for me compared to my usual neutral everyday shades.
For the perfect full lip I originally lined my lips just outside of the natrual lip line, I then applied red lipstick and to finnish I used a lip plumping gloss by bare minerals (which I strongly recomend).

Furthermore I styled my hair to create this incredibly sleek and straight look, again very simplistic as I wanted the main focus on the detailing of the dress. To achieve this elegant look I  firstly used the '3 day straight' shampoo and conditioner. After coming out of the shower I would towel dry my hair until it is damp. Next I would spray my hair with kerratine oil (avoiding the roots). To evenly distribute the product I use my tangle teezer to brush through my hair. Unless I'm in a rush I usually let my hair dry naturally and Lastly  I finnish it off with a my straighteners and boom your done! 

I have also attached 2 of my photos from my instagram @parisatasbihi 

How do you dress out of your comfort zone?



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